Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

March 30, 2019

At GreenLeaf Solar, we know that even our most committed customers are going to have questions about their solar power. You may know that solar energy can reduce your electric bill and even earn you a profit in some cases. You also know that you’ll be doing your part to help the planet by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. There’s a lot of benefit to solar power, but GreenLeaf understands that our customers will want to know about the nuts and bolts of how Solar Panels work. One question that we often receive has to do with solar panel maintenance.

Solar Panels Are a Low Maintenance Relationship

The fact is that all types of equipment are going to need maintenance at some point and solar panels are no exception. But it’s important to know that solar panels are low maintenance. Once GreenLeaf installs your solar power system, most of the hard work is over. But there are a few things related to their maintenance that you should be aware of, and we want to take a look at them.

The maintenance issue you will likely be dealing with the most is cleaning. According to the website Alternative Energy, solar panels need to be cleaned because dirt and leaves can block the panels’ access to sunlight. But they also point out that very often rain will do that job for you. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have your panels checked occasionally. In addition to making sure that:

  • The panels aren’t dirty or blocked.
  • There aren’t any loose connections.
  • The mounting brackets are secure.

Maintenance Considerations For Solar Panels

It’s a good idea to clear any junk out of the brackets because the debris could deteriorate the surface and lead to leaks in the roof. You’ll also need to clean dirt, grime, bird waste, and any other substance that may have built up on your solar panels. You should use dish soap to remove these substances and take care not to apply too much pressure, or you could potentially damage the panels. You also need to check if they’re in areas prone to picking up dust.

Another consideration you should keep on top of includes your batteries. You need to keep your battery terminals clean and twice a year, you should use a multimeter to check your system to make sure your output hasn’t dropped. While it doesn’t occur that often you should check your panels for cracks. Mother Nature is another thing that should be monitored. You need to check wires because squirrels can eat through them. Also you should look at what’s underneath your solar panels because birds can nest there.

Let GreenLeaf Install Your Solar Panels

At GreenLeaf we install pest guards (squirrel guards or bird guards) on many systems to protect systems from this damage. These guards also protect the system from the build-up of debris mentioned earlier, like leaves and sticks. We offer a service package with a system analysis sent over biannually, in the spring and fall, as well as a panel cleaning service with service call discounts to members.

The first step towards maintaining your solar panels is making sure they’re installed properly. The experts at GreenLeaf will handle the job right. We’ll answer questions about every aspect of the installation, and we’ll explain all the benefits of commercial or residential solar power. To get started, call (631) 509-1747 or contact us today.