Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

Home Electrification & Automation

Step into a smarter, more efficient home with our electrification and automation services. We offer state-of-the-art solutions to enhance energy efficiency, control lighting, manage climate systems, and optimize overall power usage. Embrace the future of home living with seamless automation tailored to your lifestyle, all while harvesting the benefit of the potential rebates and tax credits that you may qualify for.

Why Choose GreenLeaf for Home Electrification and Automation?

GreenLeaf takes your home into the future with advanced electrification and automation services. Choose us for a smarter, more efficient living space where energy usage is optimized, lighting and climate are controlled with ease, and your home aligns with the latest in eco-friendly technology. Trust GreenLeaf for a connected and sustainable home experience.

Call us and find out about the rebates and programs you may qualify for!

available for purchasing space heating and cooling electric heat pumps


for electric heat pump water heaters


for electric stoves, cooktops, ranges or ovens


for electric heat pump dryers (efficient alternative to traditional dryers)

$4000 limit

Covering half or all the cost of upgrading electric panels


for electrical work/upgraded electrical wiring


for insulation projects that improve insulation/seal energy leaks

50% of costs

Rebate for households with moderate incomes


For an upgraded electrical panel to help prepare for an all-electric home


for exterior doors


for new energy-efficient exterior windows or skylights

Up to $600

for highly efficient central A/C, water heaters, furnaces, etc. on natural gas/propane/oil