Will Solar Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?

You’ve probably heard about it all of your life. The energy of the future is solar power, while fossil fuels are a dinosaur. You’ve also almost certainly heard of the benefits of solar energy, that it’s a constantly renewable source of power compared to the finite amount of fossil fuel available. Solar power benefits the planet, while fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas create greenhouse gasses. Despite all this, fossil fuels are still the dominant energy source in America. According to the US Energy Information Office, fossil fuels have made up at least 80 percent of our countries fuel consumption for more than 100 years. But renewable energy use is on the rise and GreenLeaf Solar can help you become part of the revolution.

GreenLeaf Saves Money and Saves the Planet

GreenLeaf is Long Island’s leading solar power company. Whether you’re a homeowner or run a business, we can help you save money on your energy bill while saving the planet. We can assist you in having a customized solar system installed in your home. We’ll meet with you and educate you about solar power and take you through all of your options. We believe in the solar revolution and we believe it will continue to rise in prominence. So if you’re asking if solar power will replace fossil fuels, we want to show you why so many people believe it will happen sooner than you might expect basically a 254-by-254 kilometer area in the Sahara Desert could absorb enough rays to power the entire globe. The estimate assumes the panels placed in the desert where the sun is constantly strong, would have to be 100 percent efficient, but the idea serves as an example of how little of the planet would be needed to have solar panels.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Columbia University professor Steven Cohen takes issue with critics who say that renewable energy wouldn’t be competitive with fossil fuels if it weren’t for government incentives. He points out that fossil fuels receive their share of help from the government as well, pointing to gas and electric utilities.

“There is good reason for fossil fuel folks to be nervous,” Cohen writes. “Time is not on their side. Cohen points to public opinion polls that show a majority of people want sources of energy that won’t damage the earth.ZZ

Australian researchers Andrew Blakers and Matthew Stocks write that they believe that the threat of climate change will quicken the pace of the solar revolution.

“The reality is that the rising tide of solar photovoltaics (PV)X and wind energy offers our only realistic chance of avoiding dangerous climate change,” they write in Cosmos Magazine. “No other greenhouse solution comes close, and it is very hard to envision any timely response to climate change that does not involve PV and wind doing most of the heavy lifting.” They predict that renewable energy will replace fossil fuels within 20 years.

GreenLeaf Will Help You Save Money Too

When you buy solar panels from GreenLeaf Solar you can reduce or even eliminate your energy bill. In a few years, your savings will recoup the cost of the system. You can get out ahead of the solar revolution. To learn more, contact us today.