Creating Solar Jobs

There is a solar revolution going on in this country. You may not always see it but the numbers are bearing it out. More and more people are switching to solar power, and that’s benefiting us in a variety of ways. Solar customers are freeing themselves from costly utility bills. They’re also helping reduce their carbon footprint, which helps all of us. There’s another way the growth of solar helps us all, and it’s important in this economy. Solar power creates jobs. It is a growth industry and GreenLeaf wants you to know how solar power is creating jobs.

GreenLeaf Will Help You Join the Solar Revolution

GreenLeaf Solar is the premier solar installation company on Long Island. We’ll help your home or business reap the benefits of solar. You’ll get a customized installation and you can lower or even eliminate your electric bill.  We’ll explain to you everything you’ll need to know about your installation and educate you on solar panels. The more you know, about solar the better customers you’ll be. So let’s take a look at how solar creates jobs.

A Look at the Numbers

Solar is one of the hot job growth industries in America. According to the non-profit Solar Foundation, solar has seen a 168 percent increase in jobs since 2010. While there was a slight, 4 percent dip in solar jobs in 2017, the last year the Solar Foundation has statistics for, but that was the first year since 2010 where job growth dipped. In New York State, solar jobs went up by 11 percent in 2017 and in New Jersey, solar saw 17 percent job growth. California has the most solar workers in the United States.

The news for the future is even better. According to the environmental blog, Earther, renewable energy sources are primed to be among the biggest job creators over the next decade. They cite the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which state that solar installation jobs are expected to grow 105 percent by the year 2026. Meanwhile, wind turbine technician jobs are expected to grow by 96 percent. That’s in comparison to total US jobs, which are expected to only rise 7 percent between now and 2026.

According to an op-ed piece in The Hill, Andrea Luecke, the president and executive director of The Solar Foundation, solar jobs pay higher than the national average for all jobs and these jobs are available in all 50 states. The blog Futurism reports that the solar industry is currently creating more jobs than any other sect in the U.S. They also write that solar energy adds jobs at a rate that’s 17 times faster than the overall US economy.

Green Leaf Will Change Your Energy Consumption and Your Life

The solar energy industry is doing its part to strengthen the economy and it will also help you beef up your bottom line. GreenLeaf’s staff is certified and trained in all areas of installing solar panels and we’ll make sure you understand every aspect of your installation. Contact us today.