California Requires Solar Panels in All New Homes

Recently, history was made in the state of California and it’s going to result in a lot of people saving money, energy and our planet. On May 9, the Golden State voted to become the first state in the union to require new homes to install solar panels. The move was approved unanimously by the California Energy Commission, according to the New York Times. The requirement takes effect in 2020. At GreenLeaf Solar, Long Island’s leading solar company, we know that installing solar panels can change your life in many ways and we can’t wait to see how the solar revolution transforms California.

GreenLeaf Solar Can Bring the Solar Revolution to You

GreenLeaf can bring solar power to your home or your business. We can help you cut down or even eliminate your electric bill by installing solar panels. If you’re a homeowner interested in solar, GreenLeaf will educate you about how it works and we’ll install your custom made panels. If you run a business, we’ll let you know how solar panel is cost effective for you and tell you about rebates and credits you may be eligible for. GreenLeaf wants our customers to know as much as possible about solar power, so we want to take a look at what’s going on in California and how it may impact solar power in the future.

How Solar Power Is Improving Life for Californians

The new solar requirements will bring extra costs to buyers of newly built homes but state officials said that they will be more than made up for by lower energy bills. And that’s impacting the real estate market. “This is potentially doubling the market in California, which is already the largest market, Anne Hoskins of solar energy installer SunRun told NPR. The construction industry is also on board.

“This adoption of these standards represents a quantum leap,” Bob Raymer, senior engineer for the California Building Industry Association, told the Times. “You can bet every state will be watching to see what happens.” New Jersey, Massachusetts and Washington D.C. have also considered similar legislation. For California, the move should boost the state towards its goal of having at least half of their electricity come from non-carbon producing sources by 2030.

In a piece for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Andrew McAllister the California Energy Commission’s lead commissioner for energy efficiency said that the financial benefits will be seen sooner rather than later.

“From day one, the savings from lower electricity bills more than offset any additional payment associated with financing through a mortgage,” he writes.

“Costs will be even lower by 2020, especially in large developments where solar equipment will be procured and installed in bulk. The standards also allow larger, community-scale solar instead of individual rooftop systems — another potential cost-reducer.” The clean air associated with solar power will also promote healthier homes, McAllister writes.

Let GreenLeaf Help You Benefit from Solar

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