The GreenLeaf Solar Difference

the greenleaf solar difference

We’ve told you that we’re different than other solar companies on Long Island, but let us show you just how different. GreenLeaf Solar is changing how solar energy is provided to Long Island residents and businesses, through the solar power systems we install, the services we offer and the support we lend our clients and community. See below how GreenLeaf Solar is revolutionizing the solar industry for the better!


Superior In-House Support

From the first time we meet with you to discuss a solar system, through conceptualization, installation, and maintenance of your system thereafter, you’ll always deal with our top-rate team of in-house professionals. We pride ourselves on never outsourcing or subcontracting our projects so you’ll always be dealing with the people most qualified to set up and work on your solar panels and solar power system.

Community Outreach

It’s one thing for a company to simply say that they’re a Long Island company. It’s another thing entirely for a company to actively show it. We’ve reached out and held multiple informational sessions with local Long Island fire departments. The goal of these sessions was to educate the fire departments on how to best approach houses in a fire that had solar panels installed in them. It is our hope to continue this tradition for years to come in order to have a knowledgeable base of firefighters with the growing popularity of solar power and to continue to aid in the local Long Island communities we serve.

Customer Education

There are some solar companies out there that will set up your solar system and call the job a success. At GreenLeaf Solar, we find that our job is incomplete unless our customers know exactly what they’re getting out of their new solar energy system and how they can benefit. When you choose to go with GreenLeaf Solar, you’ll find that we do all we can to educate our clients on how solar works, how it can benefit their particular situation and how we’re giving you a better deal than other solar power companies. We’re also here for you all the time to answer your questions so you’re more knowledgeable about your solar system and solar energy in general; so ask away!

Buy Your Solar System

We’re sure you’ve seen the offer for “FREE” solar systems out there, but don’t believe the hype. These are mere ploys to get you to lease solar panels on your house. You will never own these solar panels and you will still have a monthly bill to pay from these ‘free’ deals. Instead, we let you buy your solar power system because we want you to get the best deal. You’ll still have no out-of-pocket costs and you’ll be saving money every month. The best thing is that after the payments you’ll have complete ownership of your solar system and you’ll reap the full benefits of your tax credits, rebates, and the solar energy you produce.

Industry Leading Warranties

In addition to our amazing service, we also offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. On every single installation that we perform, you will receive our 25-year warranty on your solar panels as well as a 25-year warranty on your micro-inverter. In addition, we also offer our 10-year workmanship warranty for all the work that we perform in installing your solar energy system. Having both these safeguards in place shows that we not only have you covered in the event that something goes wrong, but we’ll always provide you with the best quality service each and every time to have your solar system working optimally.

Contact GreenLeaf Solar for Solar Installation

Simply call us at 1-844-GO-4-SOLAR (1-844-464-7652), and one of our solar experts will speak with you right away to answer all of your questions. We'll start preparing a quote for your Long Island solar panels. You'll see why most Long Islanders choose GreenLeaf Solar as their Long Island solar company. You can also fill out our form for a FREE Consultation.