Your Long Island Solar Power Company: About GreenLeaf Solar

About Green Leaf Solar

GreenLeaf Solar is a Long Island based company that is community focused and quality driven specializing in installing solar panels for residential and commercial clients.

Our Solar Power Experts Enjoy Informing Consumers About The Benefits of Solar

From tax credits and rebates to the satisfaction that comes with drastically reducing your carbon footprint. GreenLeaf Solar also provides industry-leading warranties on workmanship, installation, and equipment. Our mobile service team is always on call to assist our clients. Learn more about the benefits for both homeowners and businesses including savings on you power bills, incentive programs, and more.

Greenleaf Solar Has More Than Two Decades of Experience

Our commitment to providing photovoltaic systems with exceptional efficiency ratings means we use only the highest quality equipment available. With our extensive track record in this industry, we’ve learned what works best, and how to customize systems for a variety of homes and businesses. Our entire staff of licensed and experienced professionals has certifications and training in all phases of solar energy system installation, Electrical, Roofing and General Contracting ensuring every phase of the job has been performed by a professional. With more than two decades of experience and education, GreenLeaf Solar is an incredible asset if you are looking to convert your home to solar power.

Long Island Solar Panel Cost and Size

The size and cost of a solar panel array depends on how much energy you wish to generate. Another variable is how much space is available for the solar system’s components. Whether you want to reduce or eliminate your electric bill, or even make a profit, GreenLeaf Solar can help you decide on the ideal custom solar power system for your home or business. We take care of all the paperwork too, so you don’t have to hassle with permits, HOA applications, or anything else.

Free Long Island Solar Panel Consultation From GreenLeaf Solar

For solar installation call us at 1-844-GO-4-SOLAR (1-844-464-7652), and one of our solar experts will speak with you right away to answer all of your questions. Whether you need a residential or commercial solar power installer, we’ll start preparing a quote for your Long Island solar panels. Choose GreenLeaf Solar to be your Long Island solar company and fill out our form for a FREE Consultation.