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The GREENLEAF – FINANCE Program provides you with the opportunity to become energy independent with the renewable energy of SOLAR. program options include flexible terms of up to 240 months, determined by the size of the project and its specifics, usually no capital investment in required.

Lock in Lower Rates Now: Historically, utility rates can increase on average 5% + each year*. However, a 5% annual increase accumulating over a 15-year period can equate to an average increase of more than 50% yearly at the end of 15 years (See the chart below). Please, remember a 5% annual increase in utility cost is based upon today’s pricing. Utility prices are primarily driven by fossil fuel sources. A 5% increase is potentially insignificant should oil hit $200.00 a barrel and gas be selling at more than $5.00 a gallon. Over a 15-year period, the total increases paid @ 5% = $765,580.03


(Total paid in total over 15 years)


(15 years @ $ 100,000.00)

$ 765,580.03

(Total increase in utility costs @ 5% average per year over 15 years.)

The GREENLEAF LEASE – FINANCE Program allows you to lock in lower electricity and/or heating and cooling rates now, for savings now and tomorrow. Your custom designed system including all equipment installed may cost you zero up-front and may require no capitalization on your part.

PURCHASE or LEASE: Leasing a system usually gives you the option of purchasing the system at the end of the lease. GREENLEAF SOLAR SYSTEMS come with a 25-year guarantee. A system may function well after 40 or 50 years, so leasing a system and purchasing it thereafter, many times, make good business sense. Leasing may be substantially less expensive. Below, are some of the benefits of leasing.

Many Companies and Not-for-Profits prefer to LEASE solar equipment and systems…

Here’s why:

  • Preserve Working Capital
  • Preserve Existing Lines of Credit
  • Provides Tax Benefits Advantages
    Typically Offers Lower Payments vs Alternative Financing
  • Purchase Options Available, Ownership of Asset Possible
  • Purchasing Decisions Deferred
    Flexibility of Lease Type and Term
  • Effeciancy and Convenience
  • Fixed Rates, Decreased Overhead
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