Commercial Solar Panel Installers For Long Island & the Northeast

Solar Panel Installers For The Northeast


A Greenleaf Solar System means:

  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Increased equity and property value
  • Reduced carbon footprint – the right example for your community
  • Potentially zero out of pocket, with a long-term guaranteed return

According to projections of the United States Energy Information Administration, energy prices across the country are expected to raise as much as 10.3% within the next two years. Energy cost increases can average 5% + per year.

Financial Resources

Greenleaf Solar has partnered with one of the leading financial resources in the nation for commercial, industrial, municipal and not for profit clients offering both finance and lease purchase options.

Invaluable Investment

In the 21st century, a commercial solar-powered system for your business or Not-For-Profit (NFP) is an invaluable investment in today and for the future. The Greenleaf Solar Team offers solar systems designed for your roof, parking lot and/or vacant land. We start with an assessment of your property and building. We determine your energy needs and usage. From conceptualization and design to permitting and installation; we are your # 1 source for commercial solar systems.

Community DG(shared) Solar

Sunlight converted to solar power substantially lowers and can even eliminate your electric bill. You lock in lower rates and avoid all future rate increases, which can be huge. See the chart on the Lease – Finance page. In some regions, when your solar system generates more solar power then you need you can sell it, at a price you establish, to others via a program called community DG (shared) SOLAR.

Use the Solar Energy you Generate and/or Sell it
Community DG Solar is designed for Business Owners, Building Owners, Project Developers, ESCOs, Not-For-Profits and more.

Incentives, Programs & Costs

  • Lock in low rates
  • Avoid future rate increases
  • A federal tax credit of 30%
  • Federal accelerated depreciation
  • Utility case rebate, where applicable
  • State cash incentive, where applicable
  • No sales tax, where applicable
  • Potentially eliminate your electric bill completely
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Operating Leases

Aside from saving you money on energy costs, a Greenleaf Commercial Solar System increases the value of and equity in your property.

Project leasing & Financing

We offer a variety of lease and financing options.

Solar Installation

With over 50 years of combined experience and education in the solar industry, you can rest assured knowing when it comes to solar; you’re in the most capable hands in the nation. We design, engineer and install your Turn Key solar power system, a solar system second to none. Every commercial solar installation by Greenleaf is hassle-free from analysis, system design and
planning through system installation, inspection, and certification.

Industry Leading Warranties for Greenleaf Commercial Solar Panel

Now is the time… find out from the Greenleaf Solar Team why commercial solar is right for you. We are on call, ready to answer any questions or address any
concerns you may have.