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Understanding The Solar Payback Period

If your home is going solar, or if you’re even thinking about it, you’ve probably already thought about the benefits. Reducing your family’s carbon footprint and having energy even during
Electric Car and Solar Panels

What the Future of Cars Means for Solar Panels

We are rapidly approaching a revolutionary time for the automobile. While it didn’t start with the Prius, a hybrid car the masses adopted, it will certainly be seen as an important
Solar Panels on House

Mass-Produced Solar Panel Efficiency Record Broken

Big news for solar fans, researchers in Japan have broken the efficiency record for crystalline silicon-based solar panel cells. Crystalline silicon-based solar panels are the type of solar panels one would

Impact of Long Islands Winter on Solar Panels

Many homeowners on Long Island that are interested in going solar worry about the impacts of winter weather on their solar system; however, there are many important factors to understand

The Future of Commercial Solar on Long Island

While it is hardly news that solar energy is booming on Long Island, the vast majority of current installations are residential solar installations. In spite of the huge amount of
Net metering

The Future of Net Metering

Community net metering represents a major shift in solar policy in New York State. Essentially community net-metering allows large buildings to install solar panels on their roof and sell the

How Solar Can Lead the Way to a Zero Carbon Economy

One thing that is abundantly clear, is that there is no single silver bullet solution to achieve a zero carbon economy. Rather, multiple technologies will need to work together in

Solar’s David Vs. Goliath Battle

Unlike many major industries in the U.S., such as the automotive industry that are dominated by a few major players, the U.S. solar market is notably different. While there are

The Global Social Impact of Widespread Renewable Energy

Photo Credit: DAVID MCNEW VIA GETTY IMAGES Roughly 10,000 years ago, a major social change occurred that revolutionized human society forever: instead of hunting and gathering for food, we began

How Solar Leasing Companies Are Exploiting Government Rebates

When a homeowner buys a solar system or when a solar company installs a system on your home, the federal government issues a 30% tax credit rebate based on the